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Top Fuel ND Roadster Ram Air Intake Duct Kit



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  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-08-08 14:32:08
  • Product ID: 9081

Top Fuel ND Roadster Ram Air Intake Duct Kit

Car make: Mazda
Model: ND Roadster
Made of FRP

One of the issues with past roadsters was the high temperature of the intake air.
Just like the previous Roadsters, the stock air cleaner duct does not have a layout that allows for efficient intake of outside air, so in our tests, the intake air temperature was over 70 degrees Celsius in the summer.
Therefore, we introduced fresh air from the front bumper duct in a shape that efficiently takes in the running wind with the ram air effect, and we were able to greatly reduce the intake air temperature, which is important for NA.

In the development test, the outside temperature was 20 degrees and the intake air temperature was 24 degrees.
Partial modification of black gel coat
front bumper and partial removal of reinforcement is required Uses genuine air cleaner duct.