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Total number of exhibitions: 2314 goods!


Fees for the parts:
1. 6% of Total amount (Includes combination fee, storage fee and everything). Doesnt include the payment fees if you Paypal as goods. The calculating system will be as below.
Item/Bid amount + Inland Shipping + International Shipping+ Fee (6% of the total) = Total Amount
Minimum Fee is 300 per item and Maximum fee is 20,000 per item.
For Special Items Like Engine or Transmission or bigger item that needs fork Lifts or extra man power is 50,000 flat per item.
2. Parts Storage is free if the containers departs within the next month since the first item was bought (2 months free storage for loading the container). After 2 months, 10,000/month for per 20' space.For the air shippings its free.
3. Tires Dismount 4320/set of 4 or 8640/set if 4WD/extra large tires.
4. Photo Service 2000/set of 4 rims, Bumpers 1000/set, other small items 500/pc.
5. For Freight Collected on arrival items 2000/International shipment.
Fees for the Car:
1. Regular 25000/car. 50000/car for special cars (Such as imported, Too Old, Risky Cars).
2. Fee includes photo service of the car, Shipping from Buy Now Japan Yard to Port, Basic Check Up Service like battery check, tire check to ensure it can run properly.
3. Storgae Fee is free if the car leaves next month of purchase. For more than 2 months 3000/month.
4. Any Workshop fixes can be done with extra payment depends on the work. For example: (Battery change: Free, Rims & Tires changing: 4320/set, Coilovers: 25000, Clutch: 30000(FR), 50000(FF)etc.)
5. Car Auction Bidding is generally free but some auctions may have a fee of 540/bid, Please check the Auction page if its applicable.

Exclusive Shipping Rate for Auto Parts



Australia, New Zealand zone

Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines,Asia zone

UK,Europe zone

Wheels Up to 16inch (below avarage 9J) 27700~ 33300~ 22500~ 35800~
Wheels 17 to 19inch (below avarage 9J) 38800~ 46600~ 31000~ 51600~
With Tires (Per 4pcs) +28000~ +28000~ +28000~ +28000~
Coil-overs 23987~ 32987~ 21987~ 25987~
Bucket Seat (If total size is less than 275cms) 12000~ 14000~ 16000~ 14000~
Bucket Seat Pair (If total size is less than 275cms) 22000~ 26000~ 20000~ 24000~
Semi Bucket Seat (If total size is less than 275cms) 18000~ 25000~ 16000~ 20000~
Semi Bucket Seat Pair (If total size is less than 275cms) 32000~ 42000~ 30000~ 38000~
InterCooler Core + Piping 18987~ 31987~ 16987~ 24987~
Rear Wing(Spoiler) (If total size is less than 275cms) 12000~ 15000~ 12000~ 14000~
Bumpers (Front/Rear) (If total size is less than 420cms) 45987~ 99987~ 39987~ 89987~
Aero Set (F+R+Side) 79987~ 139987~ 129987~ 59987~
Fenders 29987~ 39987~ 25987~ 39987~
Hoods 79987~ 129987~ 75987~ 99987~
Hardtops 159987~ 199987~ 129987~ 179987~