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Take Off Super Genki-kun + G filter [SGG0280] LA400K



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-29 10:31:36
  • Product ID: 8755

Take Off Super Genki-kun + G filter [SGG0280] LA400K

Compatible model
-New Copen (LA400K)

Product Description

-Super Genki-kun

The special stainless mesh has a double structure, achieving a dust collection effect and strength that far exceeds that of conventional stainless mesh filters. While suppressing the intake resistance to the utmost limit, a large amount of fresh air is supplied to the engine to maximize the engine power.
Since the filter can be washed, the cost performance is excellent!

-G filter

An optional filter exclusively for Super Genki-kun that improves dust collection capacity and enables easy cleaning. Since it can be easily attached and detached, it is easier to clean than cleaning the main body of Super Genki-kun. By installing it, the dust collection ability will be dramatically improved. Please use it according to the driving stage and specifications.