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SYMS Air Induction Box For WRX STI VAB



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  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-27 12:02:23
  • Product ID: 8673

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SYMS Air Induction Box For WRX STI VAB

To improve the torque and output of the engine, it is effective to increase the intake air amount to increase the filling efficiency.
Therefore, for the Sims Air Induction Box, we reviewed the route from the intake duct inlet to the air cleaner box. The intake duct is molded in a shape that expands to the maximum in a limited space and can efficiently take in the air flow. We have improved the output by introducing fresh air with high pressure (density) due to the so-called running wind (* ram air) effect to the entire surface of the air cleaner and supplying it to the engine via the air flow sensor.
We have adopted the optimum layout and design for each model to further improve performance. Depending on the model, the genuine resonator part has also been integrally molded and an air inlet has been added. This makes it possible to take in air from inside the fender and also introduce running wind + α air. We identify the air flow for each model and select the optimum layout. Also, as for the material, by molding using carbon, both performance and appearance are compatible at a high level. You can enjoy the premium functional beauty.
* Ram air is to take in the running wind and supply high pressure (density) air to the engine from the inlet to exert an effect like supercharging.

* It is possible to correspond within the correction range of the normal ECU.
* 1. The original performance will be exhibited by using the resonator with the lid open.
* 2. A lid is attached to prevent powder snow in winter.