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Steering Wheel

STI Steering Wheel (Ultra Suede)



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-20 11:08:25
  • Product ID: 8388

STI Steering Wheel (Ultra Suede)

A steering wheel with excellent grip performance using the Ultra Suede (R) material that was also used in STI complete cars.
A stable grip can be obtained with bare hands or when wearing driving gloves, improving operability during handling.

* Ultra suede (R) and Ultra suede (R) are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
* There is no center mark.
* For peripheral parts such as airbags, horns, and various switches, use the ones of the equipped vehicle.
* Durability is lower than genuine leather, and threads and sweat stains may remain during long-term use.
* We do not provide after-sales services such as cleaning and replacement.

※ About daily maintenance to keep the texture for a long time
・ It may look like it is worn due to dirt on the epidermis and the raised hair falling asleep.
・ If dust adheres, do not wipe it with water, but brush it with a care brush to remove it.
・ If dirt adheres, remove it immediately.
・ Wipe it with a cloth or wiping cloth that has been wrung out with lukewarm water. When wiping, be careful not to disturb the brushing strongly. Using a neutral detergent may cause the epidermis to become white or dry.
・ If it is extremely dirty, wipe it with a neutral detergent diluted to about 5% with lukewarm water, squeeze it firmly with lukewarm water that does not contain detergent, and wipe off the detergent components repeatedly.
・ When it dries, lightly brush it with a care brush to straighten the coat.