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18" Rims

STI Performance Wheel 18inch 8.5J (Matte Gun Black)



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-19 13:13:34
  • Product ID: 8354

STI Performance Wheel 18inch 8.5J (Matte Gun Black)

Item Number: ST28100VV480
Matt Gun Black 18 × 8.5J +53 PCD114.3 5 holes

A forged aluminum wheel jointly developed with RAYS that has been specially tuned for rigidity according to the characteristics of Subaru cars on the disc surface, spokes, and rims.
Unlike the general casting method, forged wheels can be manufactured as lightweight and highly rigid wheels by applying high pressure to the mold while heating the metal material called billet. Since the metal structure has a dense structure, strength can be secured without increasing the weight, and it demonstrates high performance in response to handling. (Weight: about 8.9 kg)

* Center cap and air valve included
* Recommended tire size 245 / 40R18
* Repair valve part number: ST28102 ST010 Repair center cap part number: ST28821ST030
* STI 6POT brake Cannot be installed on vehicles equipped with the kit (part number: 26100ZR000 or STPKG20VV000) and special specification vehicles (R205, S206, WRX STI tS type RA, S207)
* Weight may vary.