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Steering Wheel




  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-04 10:53:43
  • Product ID: 7865


This product is a steering KIT that can be used by relocating the genuine steering switch of FK7 (6MT car) and FK8.
The biggest advantage of changing to a lightweight competition type steering is that you can get a direct steering feel.
Genuine steering with built-in airbag tends to lack steering information due to its weight.
This product, which has been stripped of extraneous items as well as airbags, is lightweight and can be expected to greatly improve operability and steering information due to the spoke and grip shape that is premised on competition use.

It is a very spartan look that omits the switch cover etc. mainly for the purpose of weight reduction, but by making the steering itself a dedicated product, it is possible to optimize the switch mount position and design to suppress the protrusion of the switch as much as possible, and it is possible to design a genuine switch. The operability is good and does not interfere with driving.
In the prototype test, we determined that the cruise control switch was virtually impossible and dangerous to operate accurately, especially if it was not mounted in the proper position on the steering.

This product is a KIT product that includes all the parts required for replacement. (Excluding necessary tools)
* Genuine switches and switch harnesses are not included with this product. Please reuse the one you are using.

■■ Components ■■■

■ Dedicated steering
wheel Kodawari's 350mm steering wheel pursues sports driving such as racing.
6061 aluminum alloy 5t with high rigidity and excellent corrosion resistance is used for the base frame, and Alcantara is used for the skin. (Punched Alcantara is used at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock to improve familiarity) The grip part adopts a shape with a good finger grip so that you can relax and drive. (With top mark embroidery)
The stitches on the parts where force is applied are put in a cross shape, so it is more durable than the decorative stitch type.
It is a dedicated product designed with the prerequisite shape for mounting a genuine switch.
Dedicated "R-SPIRIT" horn button is attached.
* Jointly developed with Italy atc * 350mm

■ Steering boss
Worksbell airbag canceller included

■ Genuine switch mount stay
Made of real carbon (CFRP) dedicated mount stay
Fixed screw, cushion tape, etc.

■ Dedicated steering boss spacer genuine
Specially designed and manufactured to provide a switch wiring escape.
Red alumite treated

■ Other accessories
Long type steering fixing bolt Double-sided tape
Steering switch harness Earthing bolt Nut