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SEEKER x BRIDE Full Bucket Seat



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-07-01 11:43:15
  • Product ID: 7814

SEEKER x BRIDE Full Bucket Seat

This is the second full bucket seat in collaboration with BRIDE, which boasts high rigidity and outstanding hold ability.
The base shell is ZETA IV, which has a structure (Low MAX) that is most suitable for Japanese body shapes and makes it easy to lower the seat position as much as possible.
This collaboration model, which will be the second in this series, inherits the design of the popular predecessor model and adopts a red-black two-tone skin fabric.
The headrest is embroidered with a special logo and a bright red stitch is added to maintain the BRIDE seat, which has a strong competition image, while maintaining the fashionable appearance that is ideal for street use.
In addition, the skin fabric is a safe specification with antibacterial processing. (From products sold after June 1, 2022)
We recommend that you use the seat rail and seat back protector (sold separately) made by BRIDE.

■ Specifications

Shell: FRP silver shell (ZETA IV base)
Skin fabric: Black & red Exclusive logo + exclusive red stitch added
Seat weight approx. 7.4 kg (excluding seat rail)
FIA compatible