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Revolution 86 [ZN6] Lightweight Clutch 250 Light



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  • Listed From: 2022-06-14 13:49:01
  • Product ID: 7320

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Revolution 86 [ZN6] Lightweight Clutch 250 Light

Car Make: Toyota
Model: 86 (ZN6)
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Since the release bearing and chromoly sleeve are included in the set, the diaphragm spring can handle up to 320 horsepower with high pressure NA, but by using a small diameter dedicated release bearing, the pedal pedaling force is almost the same as the genuine one. (Genuine 12k, our clutch 12.6k).

In addition, the clutch disc is non-asbestos, the flywheel is designed to be ultra-thin, and the clutch cover, disc, and pressure plate are small in diameter and lightweight.

Since the mounting weight is 10.2 kg, it has led to a weight reduction of 5.1 kg from the genuine mounting weight of 15.3 kg.

For those who are comfortable with the half-claw and are worried about the sound, it is best to have a damper