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  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: Used
  • Listed From: 2022-05-27 10:19:45
  • Product ID: 6647


By lowering the internal pressure of the crank chamber (-10kPa), the movement of the piston is lightened and the response is improved.

It seems that F1 and MotoGP vehicles are around -50kPa, but with commercial engines, the oil pressure drops and the oil film may run out at around -20kPa, so I set it to -10kPa.

When I first attached it to the [Pink Silver 86], I started off and noticed the difference at only 5 m.

* RF is also compatible.

Part number / Compatible model

ND / ND Roadster ND Roadster RF
Sky 15G / Axela 15S Demio 15MB
Sky 20G / Axela 20S Confirmed CX-5 20S Currently installed  
Sky 25G / Currently installed Atenza 25S CX-5 25S 
Sky 15D / Currently Axela 15XD Demio XD CX-3 XD
Sky 22D-a / CX-5 XD (KE type previous term)  
Sky 22D-b / Atenza XD (early stage) CX-5 XD (KE type late stage)
Sky 22D-c / CX-5 XD (KF type)  
86 / BRZ / 86 / BRZ early
stage For Sports Z31 / Z32