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J'S RACING FK7 SUS Exhaust Plus Legal Dual 60RS



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-04-04 12:11:01
  • Product ID: 4783

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J'S RACING FK7 SUS Exhaust Plus Legal Dual 60RS

Car Make: Honda
Model: Civic FK7

Premium muffler for vehicle inspection is finally here !!!
Compatible with 2020 model !!
A pre-certified muffler that uses a straight structure unique to J'S RACING that prioritizes exhaust efficiency has been completed !!!
The main pipe and silencer are made of high quality SUS304 material, and all welded parts are TIG welded by hand. J's classic dolphin tail adopts 100φ and has a powerful rear view .
Each muffler is carefully finished by craftsmen, and it is a gem muffler that is particular about quality.
By changing the main pipe diameter and layout from 60φ to 60Φ * 2, boost up is also supported.
It is a specification that can exert torque without sacrificing the low rev range even with normal boost.

☆ Material: SUS304, Titanium alloy
☆ Composition: 60φ → 60φ * 2 → 100φ * 2
☆ Main pipe thickness 1.2mm Silencer, tail thickness: 1mm

[Acceleration running noise test results]
・ Acceleration noise 76db / a
・ Proximity exhaust noise 90db / a