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ESPRIT R35 Quantum Suspension Kit



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-04-01 14:07:43
  • Product ID: 4735

ESPRIT R35 Quantum Suspension Kit

Car Make: NISSAN
Model: Skyline GT-R R35
Spring rate:
Circuit specifications Spring rate Front 18kg / Rear 18Kg
Street specifications Spring rate front 16kg / rear 14Kg

For users who are not satisfied with the normal suspension, the Quantum suspension kit is recommended. As a result of repeated pre-launch tests on the assumption that it will be used on a harder circuit, the product has finally reached a satisfactory level, so we have decided to start selling it. , The circuit test is conducted at Suzuka Circuit and Fuji Speedway. In the test at Fuji Speedway on 5/7, we conducted a running test with Bilstein-based suspension and Quantum suspension, and recorded 1 minute 51 seconds 8 which is about 2.5 seconds higher than Bilstein-based suspension base. The spring rate at the time of the test is 18kg in the front / 18kg in the rear (hyper coil). Since the hyper coil has excellent durability and has the advantage of quick reaction from the initial load, the suspension feeling at an unprecedented level is achieved by combining with the characteristic that linearly reacts to the conversion of the damping force of the Quantum absorber. You can taste it. In addition to selling with the same specifications including the spring rate, we will also release a spring rate of 16 kg before and 14 kg after, assuming use for street use. The Quantum absorber can also adjust the damping force, so you can easily set your own settings according to the circuit and application. With rear helper spring. We will provide a finished product that will satisfy those who are looking for a higher-grade suspension.