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A.C.E Power IG coil (GR Supra)



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  • Listed From: 2022-03-29 14:16:22
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A.C.E Power IG coil (GR Supra)

The key to the ignition system! Ignition coil.

Ignition coil, which is attracting attention as a tuning part for the ignition system.
It's not well known, but it's actually a "consumable".
Spark plugs are replaced regularly, but many people may not have replaced the high tension cord or ignition coil.
The three elements of a gasoline engine are "good air-fuel mixture," "good compression," and "good sparks," but if these are not well-balanced, the gasoline engine will not run well. "Good air-fuel mixture" is the fuel condition, but many people may be concerned about whether the air-fuel ratio is out of order by replacing the air cleaner or muffler.
"Good compression" is engine compression, but in NA, it is generally tuned to increase the compression ratio, and in vehicles equipped with a turbocharger, the compression ratio is lowered to increase the boost pressure.
A "good spark" is a spark emitted from a spark plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture, but until now it was tuned to replace it with a racing plug. That's right, there wasn't much tuning for "good sparks." ..
This ignition coil does not require excessive spark performance, and by keeping the number of coil turns to 10% higher than normal, you can feel the improvement of startability, fuel efficiency, accelerator response, etc., and also in the life cycle. Is also taken into consideration.
Although it is a reinforced ignition coil with performance improved by 10% or more compared to the genuine ignition coil, it can be replaced without processing by making the shape the same as the genuine ignition coil, so it can be used for tuning and repair.