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AutoExe Sports Induction Box For RX-8



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-03-22 10:03:46
  • Product ID: 4354

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AutoExe Sports Induction Box For RX-8

The "Sports Intake Box" is a rational intake device that utilizes the air filter box of mass-produced vehicles as it is. In mass production, the opening is limited and only the muffling resonator and cleaner suction side box, which are suction resistance, are opened, and fresh air is directly guided to the air filter to improve suction efficiency. The intake sound is also sporty. The product consists of a funnel-type FRP frame that enhances the rectification effect, an aluminum heat shield that blocks heat from the engine, and an air filter replacement (made by K & N). You can also select an air filter less specification that allows you to use the genuine air filter as it is.

(1) FRP frame : Funnel type that enhances the rectification effect.
(2) K & N air filter: Cleanable mass-produced wet type with the same shape.
( 3) Aluminum heat shield plate : A special shape for each model that blocks heat generated from the engine.