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  • Listed From: 2022-02-22 12:28:49
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HPI reinforced transmission that continues to be supported by many competition vehicles
Maximum torque 50Kg / m, maximum output 430ps

◇ Features ◇

■ The 1 / 2nd gear ratio has been brought closer to 3rd gear and the 6th gear ratio has been brought closer to 5th gear so that you can fully enjoy circuit driving and drift driving with the ideal gear ratio. In addition, the gear for competition is designed with an emphasis on strength and ease of production, the meshing ratio that is important for the quietness of the gear is low, and the surface polishing of the teeth is rough, so the "huhu sound" is strong and it is used daily. Not suitable for. With this in mind, we have selected specifications that can withstand everyday use and set the gear ratio. HPI has succeeded in further improving the performance of NISMO transmissions through its own internal processing, and its potential continues to be supported by many drivers.
■ Strength is improved by increasing the diameter of the gear by changing the gear ratio. In addition, the strength has been increased by reducing the number of teeth of each counter and main gear by changing the module (gear specification) without changing the gear ratio, and by increasing one tooth. By reducing the twist angle of the teeth, the thrust impact force in the forward direction of the counter shaft due to the impact torque input is reduced, and the trouble of damage to the end face of the counter reverse gear is taken.
■ While maintaining the goodness of the standard "FS6R92A", by optimizing the strength and gear ratio, we have realized operability that is incomparable to dog missions that only consider competition and missions of old-fashioned synchronization mechanism.
■ Since the speedometer of S15 obtains the signal from the ABS sensor, there is no speed drive gear on the mission side. Therefore, it was impossible to display the speedometer on S13 and S14. In consideration of this point, we have installed a speedometer drive gear and also supported parts required for replacement. (NISMO products / Nissan genuine parts)
■ Designed exclusively for S15

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