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326 Power - Gachyabari WIDE - Toyota 86



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  • Listed From: 2021-04-27 18:42:47
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326 Power - Gachyabari WIDE - Toyota 86

326 Power - Gachyabari WIDE - Toyota 86

Its charm, no longer violence. It is an up-and-coming brand [Gachabari WIDE] that made the volumey limbs that feel scary even.
The body KIT that I worked on has a fender that is 150mm wide on one side of the front and 200mm wide on one side of the rear.
In the present age when it is difficult to reveal the individuality of assertion, it can be said that it is truly unique.

■ Gachabari WIDE (FRONT)
150mm WIDE on one side.
■ Excellent compatibility with 3D ★ STAR brand lip type BODY KIT. 3D ★ STAR BODY KIT can be purchased separately.
■ It has a two-piece structure, and there is also a setting for the latter term of the bumper attachment part.

■ Gachabari WIDE (REAR)
200mm WIDE on one side.
■ Boldly opened air dam, air duct gives a low and wide impression, and a front view that insists on its presence.
■ The overfender, which is the key to the rear view with a feeling of pressure that is unrivaled, is accented with multiple stepped air intake designs, and you can feel the dynamics from any angle.
■ The arch part has a width of about 50 mm, and the arch can be raised to 10 mm and 20 mm. Excellent compatibility with large diameter wheels.
■ With 1PIECE structure, up to 5 air duct designs are carefully calculated.

■ Gachabari Rear Wing
Along with the fender, 326 aero styles give the impression that everything you see is exceptional because of its strong presence.

* If the rear fender is installed in the previous term, some processing is required.
* It will be made to order, so it will take about 2 to 3 weeks after confirming your order (transfer). If you are in a hurry, please contact us.