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20" Rims

326 Power - Yaba KING - VVIP Deep Cut Wheels



  • Available Quantity: 100100
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2020-12-22 18:08:04
  • Product ID: 3037

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326 Power - Yaba KING - VVIP Deep Cut Wheels

■ VVIP DEEP CUT that fits the Alphard perfectly. The front is 9.5J x 20 and the rear is 10.0J x 20, which is a fairly aggressive setting.

■ The super concave disc that appeals to the edge, combined with the polished color, highlights the sharp outline and the presence of aluminum.

■ By adopting the undercut manufacturing method, a deep three-dimensional effect is added to the spokes and rims, further enhancing the beauty of the model.

In the gaps between the spokes in the deep undercut, the 326POWER logo is casually luxurious.

● Accessories: Air valve / 1 piece, center cap (hairline)