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Wheel Nuts

326 Power Euro Conversion Studs



  • Available Quantity: 100
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2020-09-11 17:49:44
  • Product ID: 2948

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326 Power Euro Conversion Studs

326 Power Euro Conversion Studs

Please select the correct size stud to suit your specific car. Please note all wheel nut sides of the studs will be M12 x 1.5.

Most European cars use bolts instead of nuts to attach the wheels.
Therefore, the lug nut cannot be installed unless the installation method is changed.
With this product, we will be able to install our nuts on most European cars! !!
However, it is a condition that it is a wheel with a 60 ° taper seat (external wheels are first of all).

* The selling price of the kit that allows you to install nuts does not include nuts.

* Although it has been used without problems even in tests on hard circuits, it is sold for event show cars because the installation method is different from the genuine one. It cannot be used on public roads, and installation and use is at your own risk.

① The material is expensive
Uses chrome molybdenum steel (SCM435)!
② Perform quenching process
Strength up !!
③ Finishing
Trivalent chromate plating !!!
④Because it is a long bolt specification
It is possible to insert a spacer !!!!

In short ... the best !!

The nut mounting side is uniformly M12-P1.5.

* 326 When purchasing nuts, please purchase pitch 1.5.