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Wheel Nuts

326 Power Wheel Nuts & Crown Cap - S Size



  • Available Quantity: 100
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2020-09-02 18:47:14
  • Product ID: 2920

326 Power Wheel Nuts & Crown Cap - S Size

M12 x (P1.5 or P1.25) 19H EX

S size (4cm)

Sold in Sets of 4. For example a Quantity of 4 will get you 16 wheel nuts and a quantity of 5 will get you 20 wheel nuts.

There are many sayings related to the foot, such as "Fashion starts at your feet" and "You can see your feet."
If you haven't decided on your feet, no matter what clothes you wear, it's a ruin.
Of course, this has something that's even customizable.
I worried about it and chose it and put it on my car, However striking it with a dull steel bolt is a bit of annoying.
Our wheel nuts are a little different, Made of hard super duralumin A7075 used for aircrafts.
The laser enhances the texture of aluminum and creates a look that is suitable for matching with high-end wheels.
An item with excellent visual and strength.
Not only the footwear but also the shoelaces make you a real fashionable person.

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326 Power Wheel Nuts & Crown Cap