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DーMAX Racing spec 5 speed cross mission (SR20DET)



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  • Listed From: 2020-01-27 18:31:45
  • Product ID: 2575

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DーMAX Racing spec 5 speed cross mission (SR20DET)

It is a cross mission with the main shaft also included in the SET. The main shaft uses a reinforced type with sub-zero treatment. By narrowing the gear ratios between 1st and 5th gears and reducing gear ratio loss when shifting up, we set gear ratios that always stay within the power band. We have set the target for the legal class circuit according to the standard. The racing spec took about two and a half years including development and testing, and in 2012, we started testing for actual use in the D1SL series! ! The results are important for guaranteeing strength, but of course there were no transmission troubles until the end of the series, and the effect of reducing gear ratio loss in 2nd and 3rd gear was outstanding, and it was stable in chasing. Prove the driving performance! ! The ``Racing Spec'', which was designed mainly for legal class circuits, has shown its true potential. The test circuit consisted of repeated battles and tests at the following six circuits. *Test courses: Suzuka Twin Circuit, Meihan Sportsland, Bihoku Highland Circuit, Nikko Circuit, Seto Inland Sea Circuit, Tokushima Kirtland, Ebisu Circuit Despite the pressure of actual test wearing, they achieved brilliant results.

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DーMAX Racing spec 5 speed cross mission (SR20DET)