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ETVOS Creamy Tap Mineral Foundation with Refill Puff (Color: # Natural)



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-08-29 17:48:45
  • Product ID: 17062

ETVOS Creamy Tap Mineral Foundation with Refill Puff (Color: # Natural)

Item Form: Cream
Color: Natural
Skin Type: Sensitive
Finish Type: Natural
Brand: ETVOS
Material Type Free: UV absorbers free, Mineral Oil Free, Mineral Oil, Paraben Free
Coverage: Full
Product Benefits: Moisturizing
Skin Tone: Natural
Special Feature: Brighten skin, glossy finish, coverage, protect moisture, hypoallergenic, UV protection
Number of Items: 1
Made in Japan

About this item
The more you tap it with the oil-rich creamy fande, the more fluffy and shiny. A foundation made of serum that creates a beautiful glossy skin with a special puff. It leads to your bare skin to a shiny and transparent skin

Point 1: Take care of your skin while making up. Your skin after removing makeup. Marla Oil *1 and Argan Oil *2, glucocylceramide protects skin from dryness, and is a "skin care foundation" that is similar to a serum containing skin supportive ingredients such as vitamin B6 derivatives. *3, Vitamin E *4, Chamisle flower extract. ※
1 Moisturizing ingredient: Clerocaria villaina seed oil
2 Moisturizing ingredient: Argania spinosa nuclear oil
3 Skin conditioner ingredient: Trishexyl decanate pyridoxine
4 Skin care ingredient: Tocopherol

Point 2: Cream type with no need for foundation. Polishing with a special puff to create a refreshing and glossy skin. Tapping the area you want to shine with a special puff. Naturally covers the pores and skin allure, giving you a moisturized, luminous skin. It does not require a foundation and has a beautiful finish. The UV protection effect is SPF 42 PA+++, so it is recommended for everyday UV protection

Point 3: Cleansing free while being comfortable to hold. No surfactants, mineral oils, silicone, tar dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, alcohol, or UV absorbers. No cleansing agent needed and can be removed with soap. Great for sensitive skin. A gorgeous, gentle fragrance of geranium and rose

Recommended plus items: Improved coverage: Aqua-mineral base on the base. Resilient natural glossy skin: Lucent powder in the finish. Improved glossiness: Night mineral foundation in the finish. Note: This product is mainly made with natural ingredients. Therefore, if there is too much temperature drop, there may be cracks on the surface or rising in temperature may cause oil to appear on the surface of the foundation. All are not quality problems. If droplets are visible during use, please use a sponge as is, or lightly wipe it with a tissue