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ETVOS Mineral Fresh Skin Liquid SPF32 PA+++ 30ml #Natural Pink Liquid Foundation



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-08-28 17:53:59
  • Product ID: 17016

ETVOS Mineral Fresh Skin Liquid SPF32 PA+++ 30ml #Natural Pink Liquid Foundation

Item Form: Lotion
Color: #Natural pink
Finish Type: Natural
Brand: ETVOS
Coverage: Full
Skin Tone: Light
Sun Protection: 32 SPF
Age Range (Description): Adult
Special Feature: UV Protection, Light up your skin
Number of Items: 1
Made in Japan

About this item
A serum foundation that creates a soft, sheer, glossy skin with a high quality skin
Point 1: Reduces dry small wrinkles. *Moisturizing design that satisfies skin care grade moisturizing effects
Point 2: A natural finish with a thin film that feels like beautiful on your skin
Point 3: Semi-gloss finish with colored pearls for a transparent look
【Point 4】SPF 32 PA+++ to prevent daily UV rays. Soap off and gentle on the skin

This original blend oil has been carefully selected from a variety of plant oils, fruit thyme oil *2, camellia seed oil *3, French lavender oil *4 in an exquisite ratio.Carefully care for plant oils such as stiffness, elasticity, moisturizing, and gloss.

1. Moisturizing ingredients: Kedamono soda seed oil, camellia seed oil, French lavender oil (French lavender extract, tri (caprileic acid / caprinic acid), glyceryl, water-based vegetable oil).

2. Moisturizing ingredients: Kedamonoto seed oil *3 moisturizing ingredients *4 moisturizing ingredients French lavender extract, tori (caprileic acid / caprinic acid) glyceryl, waterborne vegetable oil.

Even though it is a liquid foundation, it has a thin film finish that will not feel its presence.It brings uniform transparency and a bright sheen as if the skin is beautiful.

The semi-gloss texture that liven up the facial expressions, making it perfect for daily makeup on weekdays or when you're at home.