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ETVOS etvos medicated whitening concentrate mask



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-08-23 15:04:23
  • Product ID: 16938

ETVOS etvos medicated whitening concentrate mask

Brand: ETVOS
Item Form: Sheet
Product Benefits: Moisturizing
Scent: Unscented
Skin Type: Dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin
Special Feature: Stain Care, Hypoallergenic, Moisturizes, Prevents inflammation, Whitening Care, Light up your skin
Unit Count: 1.00 pieces
Number of items: 1
Recommended Uses For Product: Moisturizing
Material Feature: Allergy tested

About this item
Point 1: Plenty of serum for approximately 1 month. Concentrated whitening and moisturizing care. From the popular medicinal whitening clear serum, this whitening sheet mask has arrived. Each piece contains a generous amount of serum for approximately 1 month. This mask can be used even with sensitive skin and provides focused whitening care. Formulated with glycyrrhizinate 2K*3 to care for dry damage caused by UV rays. Even on the day you are exposed to ultraviolet rays, it instantly becomes soaked and moisturized with a serum texture that will give you a moisturizing skin. 3 Active ingredients

Point 2: Sensitive care x whitening *1 Care, working with W with a refreshing and transparency. *4. For those with sensitive skin that is concerned about irritation, it is the first thing to create a moisture barrier. By charging the freshness of your skin, you can achieve whitening at the same time. Prevents sensitive skin rashes that tend to lack moisture, while keeping you dry and hydrated. Provides gentle care for sensitive skin up to corners of the corner. *5. 1. Suppresses melanin production and prevents stains and freckles. *4. Transparency due to moisturizing. *5. Prevents skin rashes and provides smooth and moisturized skin care for active whitening ingredients, tranexal acid prevents spots and freckles. *6. In addition, it wraps the entire face tightly so you can care for dullness due to drying. 6. Inhibits melanin production and prevents stains and freckles

Point 3: Pursuing gentle. The mask material and shape have been carefully selected to make it gentle on the skin. No chemical fiber The hollow cotton fiber contains good liquids, so it is difficult to get dried, and the serum will penetrate your skin without any sagging. *7. The shape fits the shape of a Japanese face, and the dullness *2 is reliable to cover the eyelids well, so you can also take care of your eyes at the same time. 2. When drying: Up to 7 square layers

Hypoallergenic formula that is gentle on the skin: Patch tested and stinging tested (*Not all people will experience skin problems or skin irritation. )

Active ingredients: Tranexamic acid, glycyrrhizinate 2K [Other ingredients] Dark glycerin, 1,2-Pentandiol, 1,3-Propandiol, 1,3-Butyl glycol, N-Steroyl Dihydropphingothin, N-Steroyl Phythosis, Hydroxysterylphythophinocin, Creatinipulin, Enzyme Decomposes, Oil-soluble licicorice extract (2), thyme extract (1), isayoi bara extract, fermented seeds, cane extract (1), chimp extract, sea fruit extract, kiwayoke, pepper seed extract, malonier extract, sugar quarane, tri (caprile caprinate) glyceryl, phosphate soy phosphorus additive, phosphorus additive. Fat, choleste Roll, Polyglyceryl Decaorate, Polyglyceryl Monostearate, Sodium Pyrosulfate, Carboxyvinyl Polymer, Potassium Hydroxide, Phythinate, Phenoxyethanol

Recommended for:
Care for your skin on a day when exposed to UV rays
Those who are concerned about stains, freckles, and dullness of the skin (due to drying).
Those who want to concentrate care for their moisture and transparency.
Those who are concerned about hot spots in the summer.
If you are looking for special care in the summer.
If you are looking for a whitening effect that can be used even on sensitive