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Aging Care

ETVOS Vitalizing Lotion 120ml Lotion Aging Care Vitalizing Line Aging Care Dry Skin Age Skin



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-08-15 09:40:39
  • Product ID: 16724

ETVOS Vitalizing Lotion 120ml Lotion Aging Care Vitalizing Line Aging Care Dry Skin Age Skin

Made in Japan
Brand: ETVOS
Item Form: Lotion
Skin Type: Sensitive
Scent: Rose
Item Volume: 120 Milliliters
Number of Items: 1
Target Age Range Description: ‎Adult

About this item
Argan Stem Cell Extract; *1 x Human Ceramide has a firmness against your skin. Aging Care Formulated with "Argan Stem Cell Extract" cultivated from the buds of Argan Tree grown in the harsh environment of the African continent. *2. It gives your skin a refreshing and shiny, and leads to resilient skin. 1 Argania Spinosacarus Cultivation Extract; *2 Skin Care based on age

Point 1: Argan Stem Cell Extract; *1 for a crisp, glossy skin with vitalizing lotion is formulated with "Argan stem cell extract" (*1), which leads to a firmer skin that feels like you continue to use. Argan Stem Cell Extract is the stem cell extract from the bullouts of the Moroccan plant Argan tree. Tightens skin and creates a smooth and smooth skin. It also gives you a refreshing and firm feeling on adult skin that lack of tightness. About the "Phitoceltech Certification Mark" is displayed on the packaging to prove the formulation of stem cell extracts, developed by Mibelle in Switzerland

Point 2: Formulated with ceramide, a moisturizing ingredient that is lost due to aging. Ceramide on skin is reduced by about half the age of 20. Decreased ceramide causes the barrier function to decrease and cause various troubles. Therefore, 5 kinds of humanoid ceramic are balanced with a blend ratio similar to human skin. It helps to condition your skin and support rhythms that tend to be disrupted

Point 3 Keep moisture and firm skin penetrating hyaluronic acid, repijour (polyquaternium -51) R *3, teryx jellyfish polysaccharide and amino acids (natural moisturizing factors) protect your skin from dryness and leading to moisturizing skin. In addition, α-Albutine *4, Hydroxyprrin*4 gives your skin a firm and resilience, and pomegranate fruit extract, diz seed extract, and nutugum give you a feminine and juicy skin. 3. Moisturizing ingredient: Polyquaternium-51 ("Repijua" is a registered trademark of Nichiu Co., Ltd.) *4 Skin supplement ingredients

Point 4: Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin Free from mineral oils, silicone, synthetic surfactants, chelating agents, parabens, synthetic fragrances and tar dyes. It has a brittle texture that is more comfortable against the skin. Soft rose-tone scent