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ETVOS Medicated Whitening Clear Serum [Quasi-drug] 50ml



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  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-08-04 14:23:27
  • Product ID: 16545

ETVOS Medicated Whitening Clear Serum [Quasi-drug] 50ml

About this product
Moisturizing and transparency *3 with "penetration *1 whitening *2". For moist and clear skin. A medicated whitening essence that leads to skin with freshness and transparency *3 with "2-stage care" that focuses on foundation care *4 for sensitive skin *1 to the stratum corneum *2 Suppresses the production of melanin, suppressing spots and freckles * 3 Transparency by moisturizing

Point1: For healthy skin that does not fluctuate 《STAGE1》 The important thing in whitening care for sensitive skin is to lead it to a skin that can retain moisture with a well-developed barrier function. Contains stearyl glycyrrhetinate, an active ingredient, to support the skin barrier function and whiten with 3 types of human ceramides*8. The beauty ingredients penetrate into every corner of the stratum corneum, leading to fresh skin. “Skin foundation care *9” ・Active ingredient stearyl glycyrrhetinate ・Moisturizing: Ceramide NG, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP *8 ・Improved texture: Chimp extract *8 Moisturizing ingredient: N-stearoyl dihydrosphingosine (Ceramide NG) , N-stearoyl phytosphingosine (ceramide NP), hydroxystearyl phytosphingosine (ceramide AP) *9 Care for smooth and moisturized skin
Point 2: To clear skin with an approach that has no gaps in "points" and "faces" << STAGE 2 >> 1. Suppress the cause of spots and freckles! Care for worrisome "points" The active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid suppresses the production of melanin, preventing excess melanin from causing spots and freckles. 2. "Point care" for the dullness of the entire face * 6 that affects the impression of the skin ・ Suppresses spots and freckles: Active ingredient tranexamic acid 1) (moisturizing ingredient), rose rose extract (moisturizing ingredient), kiwi extract (moisturizing ingredient), creatinine, oil-soluble licorice extract (2), pear juice fermented liquid, angelica extract (1) "Surface care" ・Dullness Care: Plum fruit extract (skin conditioning ingredient), plantain seed extract (skin conditioning ingredient) *3 Transparency due to moisturizing *6 Due to drying
Point 3: Penetrates the skin quickly*10 with a low-irritation formula and a texture that spreads well and absorbs quickly into the skin with a fresh texture. Recommended for sensitive skin*11, so you can use it all over your face. *10 Up to the stratum corneum *11 Patch test and stinging test completed (This does not mean that skin troubles and skin irritation will not occur in everyone.)
Hypoallergenic formulation that is gentle on the skin: patch tested and stinging tested (*This does not mean that skin troubles and skin irritation will not occur for everyone.)