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Sun Protection

Skin Aqua Increases Transparency, Tone Up, UV Essence, Sunscreen, Heartbeat Savon Scent, Mint Green, 1 Piece (x 1)



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Skin Aqua Increases Transparency, Tone Up, UV Essence, Sunscreen, Heartbeat Savon Scent, Mint Green, 1 Piece (x 1)

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Sunscreen that tones up and enhances transparency while blocking UV rays
SPF 50+ PA++++ / Super waterproof (passes 80 minutes water resistance test)
Formulated with fine strobe pearls that reflect sun and light and give your skin a sense of transparency while giving it a 3D shine
Skincare Formulated (Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Ascolville Phosphate, Mg Kudamono Soup Fruit Extract, Prune Decompression, Isayoisbara Extract)
Fresh fit Mint green for skin concerned about redness For ages 1 and up
The skin aqua series of sunscreen is born from water, and has been carefully selected to make it feel comfortable. Not only is it comfortable to use, but it also has a "burn" effect and is also a great sunscreen
Skin Aqua (SKIN AQUA) Sunscreen Tone Up UV Essence, Mint Green Color, 2.8 oz (80 g) (SPF50+ PA+++)

Product introduction
Limited Edition UV Essence for Increased Transparency
UV protection & color control for a sheer color whitening skin.
Formulated with a gentle texture on the skin.
SPF50+ PA+++
For face and body
Controls color and light and enhances skin tone while providing UV protection.
Mint green sunscreen to bring out your own sense of transparency.
Provides a smooth and refreshing experience. Just apply sunscreen to make your skin more transparent.
Highlights that bring out the sense of transparency.
1. Color whitening skin texture woven in color.
Transparency Blue x Red Cover Green = Mint Green color for a natural transparency.
Pigmented skin
Also covers dark redness and acne marks.
2. Three-dimensional feel that allows light to come true.
A fine strobe pearl that reflects sun and light and gives your skin a sense of transparency while giving it a 3D shine.
3. Moisturizes and leaves your skin. Formulated with skincare ingredients (moisturizing ingredients)
Sodium Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Derivatives*2 Pure Nuance Complex *3
★ Sabon scent that flimsy
★ Use as a makeup foundation
★ You can put it on
★Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free (Ethanol Free)
(Not all people are not irritated). )
1. Synthetic fluoropite, titanium oxide, tin oxide (glossy)
2. Ascolville phosphate Mg (moisturizing component).
3. Kudamono Lily Fruit Extract, Prune Decompression, Isaibara Extract (Moisturizing Ingredient)

Water, BG, tri (caprile acid / caprine) glyceryl, dimethicone, triethyl hexyl trimerate, pliers glycol, PEG-12 dimethicone, ethylhexyl methacylate, dimethacylate glycol crosspolymer, diphenylcyphenylllymethylmethylmethylhexyloxyphenol Xifenyl Tria Gin, Ethylhexyl triathone, Titanium oxide, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Kudamono Silica Fruit Extract, Isayoisborah Extract, Asscol Bill Mg, Prune Decomposition, Polysilicone-13, (Acryloyl Dimethyltaurine Ammonium/VP) Copolymer, Trimethylsilicate Cyclopentasiloxate, Synthetic Fluoroxide Flogopite, Polystyrene, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Silica , Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Alumina, Polyquaterium-51, Tin Oxide, (Acrylates/Alkyl Acrylate (C10-30)), Cross Polymerer, TEA, Yellow 4, Blue 1, Fragrance