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Steering Wheel Accessories

First Molding Quick Release Boss



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2023-01-13 17:27:48
  • Product ID: 13108

First Molding Quick Release Boss

■It is the F1 type that the handle comes off.
■The steering wheel side corresponds to Momo (Personal) and Nardi. Please use the peach pitch of the steering boss for the sports steering wheel on the vehicle body side. (Cannot be attached to Nardi dedicated steering boss)
■Sliding handle side is about 400g, body side is about 130g, total is about 530g.
■Specifications: Machined aluminum, titanium color anodized finish, hard anodized aluminum used for serrations. With lead wire for horn switch on both sides
■"60mm extension" setting, which is close to the handlebar spacer most used in circuit driving.
■As it is gear type, reliability to the direction of rotation is high and, for structure that stress is hard to depend on ball stopper, is superior in the durability.
■We can take off steering wheel in one-touch. On the other hand, a large amount of slide is secured for safety.
■Patent pending
■Attached screw → cap countersunk bolt M4 x 10: 6 cap bolt M5 x 12: 5 cap bolt M5 x 12: 1 wrench [2 sizes] x 1 each 
■It is an item for circuit driving only.

For more details please go through the below link...
Quick Release Boss