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COLT SPEED Reinforced Clutch Kit



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-11-29 13:09:24
  • Product ID: 11837

COLT SPEED Reinforced Clutch Kit

It is a must-have item that enables smooth shift work to improve response in order to fully convey engine output.
● Improved response due to weight reduction (lightweight chrome molybdenum & reinforced flywheel)
●Low inertia allows smooth shift work (lightweight disc cover)
● High output compatible, reinforced clutch cover (forged aluminum cover and reinforced spring)
● High quality design (100% all products are balanced and operation check work is carried out)
Realizes smooth clutch work (damperless disc with cushioning plate and non-metallic friction material)
● Reliable brand and inspection standards Manufactured by Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd., JASO (Japanese automobile standard) C105 test
●The clutch and cover are set at the time of shipment for dynamic balance. Please disassemble and install according to the instruction manual.

This kit can be installed on the vehicle as an ASSY.
It is not possible to install only the cover, only the disc, or both sets on the normal vehicle. (It cannot be used because the disc shape is different.)
This product consists of a set of flywheel, cover and disc.

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