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Wheel Nuts

Ti64 Elementek Forged Titanium Alloy Nuts 20pcs



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  • Listed From: 2022-11-08 16:11:57
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Ti64 Elementek Forged Titanium Alloy Nuts 20pcs

●Strength equal to or greater than that of Chromoly steel!
● Super lightweight (30g weight per piece)!
Strong against rust and excellent corrosion resistance!
It is a wheel nut using the best material "titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) forging".

Titanium alloy (Ti6AL4V) forging

Ti6AL4V is the most demanded titanium alloy, and one of the most commonly used materials is this α-β alloy type material. It is used for structural materials such as engines and airframe parts in the aircraft industry, materials for chemical equipment, and medical materials, where titanium's unique properties such as "lightness", "strength", and "no rust" can be fully demonstrated. Titanium alloys, which have an α-β structure, are also materials that have the characteristics of both α-alloys and β-alloys. As alloying elements, Al, which forms an α alloy, and V, which forms a β alloy, are added. The material is formed by cold forging, crushing the voids inside the material, miniaturizing the crystals, and arranging the direction of the crystals to create a stronger product.

Light and strong titanium alloy

The greatest advantage of titanium is that it is light and strong, that is, it has a high specific strength. Specific strength is an indicator of tensile strength around density, and the higher the value, the lighter the material and the higher the strength. It can be said to be the top class among non-ferrous metals.

Corrosion resistance of titanium

In addition to strength and lightness, it is a material with excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. In terms of corrosion resistance, it is particularly resistant to seawater (as it is comparable to platinum, so it is a metal that is particularly strong against seawater), so it is often used in equipment that is expected to be used in seawater. The reason why it is resistant to corrosion is that, like aluminum and stainless steel, a thin nanoscale oxide film is formed on the surface of the metal as a protective film.

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Ti64 Elementek Forged Titanium Alloy Nuts 20pcs