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Wheel Nuts

Kics LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Lock & Nut Set (Nut16p & Lock4p)



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-11-08 10:06:19
  • Product ID: 11176

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Kics LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Lock & Nut Set (Nut16p & Lock4p)

●Two-piece structure where tires and wheels are attached with a steel core nut that has excellent strength and durability, and an  aluminum shell with a brightly colored alumite surface treatment is attached.
●The 19HEX aluminum shell is tightened with a hand-tightening adapter (A-87KP), so it can be easily installed and replaced without worrying about damage caused by a wrench.
● 20 core nuts (16 17HEX nuts and 4 lock nuts) lock & nut set to deter theft.
●Shape: Knurled type (Total length: 53mm) Closed end type (Total length: 53mm/35mm)
●Color items: Red/Blue/Gold/Black

●Lock & Nut SET (20pcs) Nut 16pcs / Lock Nut 4pcs
●SIZE: M12×P1.5/M12×P1.25
●Overall length: 53mm
●Width across flats: core Nut 17HEX
●Brim diameter: 22mm (key adapter outer diameter 23mm)
●Effective thread length: 28.5mm
●Nut Weight per piece: 47g

●Core nut (17HEX) dedicated adapter (outer diameter: 24mm) 1 piece 
●Lock core (19/21HEX combined use) key adapter (outer diameter: 23mm) 1 piece
●Aluminum shell exclusive resin adapter (Outer diameter: 25.5mm) 1 piece

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LEGGDURA RACING Shell Type Lock & Nut Set (Nut16p & Lock4p)