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Wheel Nuts

Racing Composite R40 M12 Lock & Nut Set



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-11-04 14:13:37
  • Product ID: 11168

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Racing Composite R40 M12 Lock & Nut Set

Racing Nut's high-end product "Racing Composite R40" material adopts chromium molybdenum steel (SCM435 forging) and has super strength that can be used in harsh racing scenes. (approximately 40g) achieved! In addition, the free taper collar that prevents screws from loosening acts as a washer to ensure that the wheel is set on the vehicle body.
There are two colors to choose from, Glorious Black and Neochrome (Titanium Coating, Rainbow), making it an excellent wheel accessory.

●Since the collar and the main body are free, the 60° taper run-out of the screws and bolts is prevented.
●The collar is free and has a washer effect, making it difficult for screws to loosen.
●In order to make the wrench operation smooth when attaching and detaching, a large radius is adopted at the upper part of the hexagon.
● Thorough weight reduction by aluminum collar (A7075-T6 material).
● The nut body is made of forged carbide (SCM435) for maximum hardness.

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Racing Composite R40 M12 Lock & Nut Set