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Wheel Nuts

Racing Composite R40 iCONIX M12 Lock & Nut Set



  • Available Quantity: 10
  • Condition: New
  • Listed From: 2022-11-04 13:05:25
  • Product ID: 11166

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Racing Composite R40 iCONIX M12 Lock & Nut Set

The R40 iCONIX (R40 Iconix), which was developed as an evolutionary version of the Racing Composite R40 / R40 REVO type, has improved through holes and cap nuts so that they can be easily attached and detached with a special wrench even when the wheels are attached. did. In terms of design, the HEX surface is perforated on 6 sides and the end cap is visible, giving it a unique design that stands out as an accent to the wheel. (Design Registration No. 1507655 USA US D710,683S)
● You can choose from two types of closed end caps, one made of resin and the other made of aluminum.
●The body nut is forged with SCM435. It will be two colors of black and neo-black.
 Three taper colors (red, blue, and black) are set to match the color of the cap.

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R40 iCONIX M12 Lock & Nut Set